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Shingeki no Kyojin => key frames to final animation

Dedicated to l-e-v-i-ackerman
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Track: happy birthday shadow
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There’s this website that has birthday songs for a whole bunch of names. You can request names as well. I requested Shadow (somewhat jokingly) and a couple weeks later I got this beauty in an email. This is my birthday gift to Shadow The Hedgehog


dead fishies getting aggressive over broken goods B)

i just wanted to draw angry seadwellers because flared fins and gills ahhhh so what’s better than drawing these two i just like the whole idea of dualscar’s old admiration turning really really sour after he hears what she’s done to psii and all

note their differences in anger too condy’s still somewhat serene yet obviously pissed because of all the blood practically glowing in her fishy things and dualscar’s just all rage.

first legit time drawing condy (adult obviously considering paststuck) too bluh ive tried before but never finished anything

meanwhile Psii’s torn over being terrified and this:



do u ever have to start a song over bc YOU FORGOT TO FUCKING LISTEN.


What a difference the changing of tides can make…



Let me bring you a thing back

  • blond= male
  • blonde=female
  • brunet=male or female
  • brunette=female
  • fiancé=male
  • fiancée=female

Good day.

I did not know this.

things that should be taught in english lessons but aren’t.

welcome to the basics of stealing from French


about three years until i’m just that


about three years until i’m just that


Karl Alexander Wilke. Fliegeroffizier.1913.


Karl Alexander Wilke. Fliegeroffizier.1913.


all the brushes i use currently! well, my favorites that is.

the oldest one ive had is the first one Brush, most versatile but takes a couple scribbles back and forth for opaqueness. i screw with the settings often but keep it within a range. Love it